Commercial Scaffold Edge Protection

Commercial construction calls for on-site health and safety protocols. The safety of workers, contractors, and builders is a priority. Commercial edge protection is crucial in ensuring the safety of properties and lives.

Hi-Top specialises in providing scaffold edge protection for commercial buildings and developments, including high-rise buildings. We use the INTAKS system for versatile and durable edge protection. The system can be attached to metal, concrete, or timber in many applications.

INTAKS Roof-Edge Protection

Hi-Top uses the INTAKS system – engineered, tested, and manufactured in New Zealand to guarantee high standards in scaffold edge protection.

See our sample work for commercial construction below:

Benefits of our INTAKS System

The INTAKS System is a New Zealand-manufactured and tested scaffolding and edge protection system designed to:

  • Provide safety so that tradies can move around while working at great heights.
  • Reduce footprint on site.
  • Reduce costs and delays while keeping end users safe.
  • Allow for a productive and efficient worksite.

The INTAKS system is versatile, quick, and easy to install to improve building productivity. Floor-mounted edge protection, parapet clamps, and floor voids to stairway edge protection; INTAKS has considered every aspect of high-rise commercial projects.

We focus on safety in the workplace and delivering an on-time, every-time service. Our commercial edge protection solution aims to create less downtime on your job so you can achieve a better-looking bottom line.

Have a Project in Mind?

When undertaking commercial high-rise projects, you must invest in safe scaffold edge protection that lets tradies work efficiently and safely at significant heights. At Hi-top, we can install a high-rise edge protection system that is engineer certified to keep individuals and the property safe.

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