Residential Painting Scaffolding for High Ceilings

Get the necessary mobility you need when working on residential painting jobs. Hi-Top Scaff can supply you with the right painting scaffold for high ceilings, suitable for both exterior and interior house painting, so you can complete any project efficiently.

The INTAKS System for painting homes


Homes come in all shapes and sizes, with unique builds and quirks. Reliable scaffolding for high ceilings is essential if you have residential painting projects for tall homes.

If you are a painter working on residential projects and require scaffolding, Hi-Top Scaff can help. Our high-quality scaffolding solutions give you a safe platform to work, enabling you to paint the interior and exterior of houses easily.

The team at Hi-Top Scaff specialise in scaffolding equipment for all projects. We can provide your workers and painters with the appropriate scaffolding equipment to complete work faster and safer—even at great heights.

Hi-Top is a proud distributor of the INTAKS system—a versatile and multi-functional scaffolding that offers several configurations to fit your scaffolding needs. Whether a home needs a roof replacement, or a paint job, workers and painters can access every part of your home’s exteriors to complete maintenance work and home improvement projects to the highest standards.


Keep safe with scaffolding equipment you can trust


Painting homes require reaching for difficult areas such as trim, peaks, eaves, and fascia. Choose a painting scaffold you can trust to keep you safe and get the job done efficiently. Hi-Top Scaff offers reliable residential scaffolding equipment so you can have a safe and stable platform to work from with wider coverage to complete areas efficiently.

We’re a local Auckland company that’s registered with Site Safe. We guarantee reliable and safe scaffolding so you can get a better perspective on your work, resulting in a better paint job for homes.

Have a painting project lined up and in need of scaffolding? Give us a call! Achieve better quality work while completing the job faster and with less effort. Contact Hi-Top Scaff today.

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