New Build Scaffolding

We specialise in new build scaffolding across Auckland, providing construction companies and trade workers with the solutions they need to complete new houses safely and efficiently. For a new build scaffold, trust Hi-Top Scaff today.

The INTAKS System for New Builds


New build scaffold solutions are essential for anyone doing construction on new homes. Scaffolding ensures the safety of workers on site, enabling workers to easily move around a building to complete tasks.

Because of the materials involved in building a new home, versatile scaffolding solutions are necessary to elevate and support heavy equipment so workers can construct each tier of the new build efficiently. Having dependable scaffolding solutions also ensures workers have a stable and secure platform to work from when they are at great heights. At Hi-Top, we are experts in providing new build scaffolding equipment tailored to suit various requirements.

Hi-top scaffolding uses the INTAKS system, a multi-configurable scaffolding ideal for residential new build projects. Offering maximum flexibility and several residential scaffolding configurations, INTAKS provides you with the safest way to work at a height. Whether you’re working on a bungalow or a two-story townhouse, Hi-Top Scaff has the scaffolding solution for the job.

Complete New Builds More Efficiently and Quickly with Hi-Top Scaff


With high-quality new build scaffolding, you can increase the speed of construction without compromising workers’ safety. Our scaffolding solutions enable you to streamline the construction process, increasing project efficiency and reducing costs.

Got a new build project coming up? Contact us today! We can help you decide on the proper scaffolding to benefit you, your workers, and your home.

We’re a local Auckland company that’s registered with Site Safe. We guarantee reliable and secure scaffolding so you can safely navigate worksites and complete new build projects on schedule!

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