Residential Scaffolding Services

Count on Hi-Top for professional residential scaffolding services. We use the INTAKS system, a versatile and robust system that allows us to cater to a wide range of scaffolding applications.

The INTAKS system was designed with three things in mind: better access for trades and less downtime, resulting in a better bottom line for you.

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INTAKS System for Residential Scaffolding

At Hi-Top, we understand your need for durable and versatile quality aluminium scaffolding. This is why we use the INTAKS system—a system engineered, tested, and manufactured in New Zealand.

The INTAKS system caters to a wide range of applications, guaranteeing high-quality edge protection and residential scaffolding for Auckland projects. Whether you need scaffolding for renovation work, new builds, or exterior cladding, the INTAKS system can help you do the job faster without compromising safety and quality.

See Hi-Top residential scaffolding solutions erected for various projects:

Our Range of Residential Scaffolding Solutions

Whether you need light roof-edge protection, attached scaffolding, or freestanding scaffolding, Hi-Top answers all your residential scaffolding needs. The INTAKS System is a New Zealand-manufactured and tested scaffolding and edge protection system designed with multiple configurations that allow trades to work on different residential projects. It’s versatile, durable, quick to install, and offers fall protection like no other. At Hi-Top, we offer a range of residential scaffolding in Auckland, including:

  • Edge Protection
  • Attached Scaffolding
  • Attached Scaffolding – Split Platform
  • Freestanding Scaffolding
  • Freestanding Gables

Improve building productivity with Hi-Top’s residential scaffolding solutions that are versatile and fit for purpose, allowing trades to work efficiently and safely with fewer tools required and little to no obstacles around them.

Have a Project in Mind?

Invest in a scaffolding system that you can trust. With INTAKS, you can improve productivity and reduce costs and delays while keeping end users safe. The team at Hi-Top can help you find the most suitable residential scaffolding solution ideal for your builders and project so you can easily complete work to deadlines.

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