Wall Mounted Edge Protection

Get full-perimeter fall protection with a wall-mounted edge protection system. Hi-Top Scaff offers wall-mounted guardrail systems that meet safety and industry standards.

See our sample work for commercial construction below:

Wall Mounted Guardrail for Edge Safety


Temporary edge protection systems are necessary for any construction work. Edge safety comes in different forms, and full-perimeter fall protection with reliable wall-mounted edge protection is one such option. The INTAKS system is a versatile edge protection system configurable in various ways depending on your project needs and is suitable for steel and timber purlins.

Quick to install, the INTAKS system features precision engineering and easily fitted components. Whether you need a free-standing solution or a roof guardrail, the INTAKS system can offer you the most suitable edge protection to enhance on-site safety.

With INTAKS, a wall-mounted edge protection system is all you need to add a layer of protection for your people and ensure the safety of those working on roof edges. The INTAKS system is designed to standards, is easy to maintain, and can be installed in a range of applications. Only a few components are required to build an INTAKS scaffold, walkway, or edge protection. These parts are versatile and can be used in a variety of configurations, providing you with the best edge safety.


Protect Your Team with Trusted Roof Edge Fall Protection


When workers need to work in and access an entire commercial roof, you must invest in a comprehensive and reliable solution that keeps them safe. Roof-mounted edge protection and a guard rail system enable your team to work safely and productively in as little time as possible. Hi-Top Scaff can help your company or business professionally install roof edge protection systems that fit your commercial roof’s perimeters, surrounds all roof edges, and protect your team while working. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you choose the most suitable system for your commercial roof type.

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