Shrink Wrap for Residential Scaffolding

Avoid delays caused by unpredictable weather with a reliable shrink wrap. Hi-Top shrink-wraps scaffolding, providing weather protection and environmental containment in residential construction sites.

Benefits of using a scaffold shrink wrap


Residential construction sites are vulnerable places with the risk of weather eroding all the hard work. Poor weather conditions negatively impact residential construction sites, from water damage and leaks to melting snow entering the site. Shrink wrap protects your project and is beneficial to many construction projects. They are a durable and weatherproof covering that protects your construction site from potential damage from the elements.

Many contractors and scaffolders shrink-wrap their projects as it offers a more robust scaffold sheeting. Shrink wraps will hold up in strong winds. You get completely sealed skin around a work area. It is ideal to use shrink wraps over regular scaffold sheeting. Traditional sheeting has gaps that make it difficult to contain dust, water, pain, fumes, and other pollutants that may contaminate construction sites.

Shrink wraps also undergo a “biaxial” shrink process; it shrinks in every direction. This process enables shrink-wrapped scaffolding to withstand the most adverse weather conditions. Heat welding bonds the sheets to allow coverage for the largest or most awkward-shaped scaffolding without holes or gaps.

At Hi-Top, our shrink wraps are made from sturdy and durable plastic cladding, easy to transport and handle. We have shrink wraps for residential scaffolding that significantly improves work environments. While no sheeting provides 100% protection, our shrink wraps guarantee to reduce worker downtime and protect your site from contamination, even under the most demanding conditions.

Features of Hi-Top Shrink Wraps


Save time and money with Hi-Top’s shrink wrap for scaffolding. Our shrink wraps are:

  • Weatherproof
  • Versatile
  • Flame retardant
  • Low maintenance
  • Recyclable


Get high-performing shrink wraps for residential scaffolding at Hi-Top


Our shrink wraps protect your residential work site and its workers while maintaining productivity. Invest in a reliable scaffold shrink wrap that is weatherproof and durable. Our expert team can install shrink wrap for your scaffolding, ensuring your project stay on its timeline. Contact us if you are interested in a shrink-wrap installation for your residential project.

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