Residential Scaffolding for Roof-Edge Protection

The workers’ safety is paramount for any industry, including residential construction. We provide roof edge protection for residential housing to keep employees safe whenever trades carry out work on a roof structure. Whether you are repainting, re-roofing, or cleaning, our roof edge protection can help you get the professional job done on time.

INTAKS Roof-Edge Protection for Residential Scaffolding

Here at Hi-Top, we use the INTAKS system for versatile and reliable edge protection that is easy to install in various applications, offering minimal footprint on site. Across Auckland, with Hi-Top’s roof edge protection system, you can achieve safer work practices, completing roofing works seamlessly with minimal disruption.

The effectiveness of our roof-edge protection system relies on design, manufacturing, product inspection, and testing and correct installation. Hi-Top uses the INTAKS system. New Zealand-engineered, tested, and manufactured, these systems guarantee the highest scaffolding and edge protection standards.

See our sample roof-edge protection services for residential construction work below:

Benefits of our INTAKS System for Residential Scaffolding

The INTAKS System is a New Zealand-manufactured and tested scaffolding and edge protection system designed to:

  • Improve building productivity for residential projects.
  • Reduce on-site footprint.
  • Provide trades with easy access, removing issues around access, blocked driveways/paths, and damaged garden beds.
  • Minimise obstacles around the site.

This patented and multi-configurable scaffolding and edge protection system will ensure the safety of builders, workers, and the work site. You can rest assured that our INTAKS edge protection system is engineered and tested to ensure there are no risks to safety when used properly.

Have a Residential Project in Mind?

Physical edge protection is necessary for all residential roofing works. Work with our expert team today to get your site set up. With Hi-Top, we can help install the system professionally so that you can manage some of the risks of working at heights.

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