Residential Roof Replacement Scaffolding

Whether you’re replacing or renovating a roof on an existing home or installing a roof on a brand-new home, we can help. If you want your job done fast without compromising on safety, get in touch with the team at Hi-Top Scaff today.

Hi-Top Scaff offers quick and professional residential roof replacement scaffolding so you can top your new roof efficiently without delay.

We use the INTAKS system so your trades can work efficiently to get the job done without any obstacles. It’s a safe system for any roof scaffold job. The scaffolding we use not only keeps your workers safe, it also protects the property when replacing or installing a new roof.

The INTAKS System for Safer & More Versatile Scaffolding


Hi-Top’s scaffolding uses the INTAKS system. With a versatile number of residential scaffolding configurations, INTAKS allows us to cater to a wide range of scaffolding needs. Whether you’re working with a two-story townhouse or a low-lying bungalow, we have the roof scaffolding solution for the job.

INTAKS is also quick and easy to erect. It has options to be attached or detached, so you know the home is safe and sound when it’s undergoing any important roof renovations or residential roof replacements.

Hi-Top Scaff uses INTAKS so we can get your job done faster. The INTAKS system is unobtrusive, strong, and versatile. It is designed with three things in mind: better access for trades, less downtime required, and a better bottom line for you.

Got a Project in Mind That Needs Residential Roof Scaffolding?


Hi-Top Scaff can give you great advice and scaffolding at a great price for any project you have in mind! Ensure quick and easy roofing solutions that keep workers and properties safe and sound.

We’re a local Auckland company that’s registered with Site Safe. We focus on keeping our customers and workers safe while bringing you scaffolding you can trust. Get in touch with our professional team for a free quote and be confident in your scaffolding with Hi-Top Scaff.

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