Parapet Edge Protection

Guarantee 24/7 roof safety with a single, collective solution for workers. Our parapet edge protection and guardrail system feature a no-drill rail system that keeps your roof structures intact while promising the utmost safety for workers.

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Parapet Guardrails and Handrails for Collective Protection


Whether working on a new build or reroofs, preventing falls must remain a priority of any building project. Collective protection that keeps workers safe from fall hazards 24/7 is an ideal solution. Roof parapets, parapet guardrails, and handrails are suitable collective protection that enables staff to work at great heights safely and comfortably.

Hi-Top Scaff offers Parapet edge protection that delivers permanent protection and prevents falls 24/7. We manufacture and install parapet walls that meet health and safety standards and are no less than 1100mm high. Our parapet guardrails are adjustable to suit specific requirements and are easy to install on any roof type. Whether you need sliding access points, step-over platform walkways, or access ladders, our parapet guardrails can be modified to answer your project’s needs.

Our flexible and lightweight parapet guardrail solution does not need to be drilled for installation, making removal easy while ensuring roof integrity. With our parapet edge protection system, you can achieve the highest degree of safety and, at the same time, enjoy the ease of installation.

Trust the edge protection specialists

Invest in a collective edge protection solution from Hi-Top Scaff. Our parapet edge protection system keeps people and objects safe while working at heights and prevents them from straying into dangerous areas. Hi-Top Scaff offers parapets, parapet guardrails, and handrails that are practical to use and meet building codes.

If you are looking for edge protection solutions, contact our team today. We can assist you with your next project and help you find the most suitable fall protection system to facilitate roof work efficiency and safety.


Protect Your Team with Trusted Roof Edge Fall Protection


When workers need to work in and access an entire commercial roof, you must invest in a comprehensive and reliable solution that keeps them safe. Roof-mounted edge protection and a guard rail system enable your team to work safely and productively in as little time as possible. Hi-Top Scaff can help your company or business professionally install roof edge protection systems that fit your commercial roof’s perimeters, surrounds all roof edges, and protect your team while working. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you choose the most suitable system for your commercial roof type.

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